an amazing swim community located at 12320 SE 14th Street in Bellevue, WA

Q: Will Woodridge Swim Club be open in time for the 2017 season?

A: We certainly hope so. After our fall renters have cleared out, work will begin. The project has eight weeks of buffer time built in, to allow for weather and the vagaries of contractors. There will not be spring, pre-season renters this year, but we hope they will return beginning summer 2017.

 Q: Will member dues go up in 2017?

A: At this point we do not foresee any significant increase to membership dues in 2017. We have secured a loan to finance the project and plan to pay it off over the course of years through a combination of cash on hand, future rental income, and future membership dues. We also are in the planning stages for some creative fundraisers for those who would like to contribute to the future of Woodridge Pool.

 Q: Will the locker rooms be included in the renovation?

A: Unfortunately, the price tag on the pools-and-deck remodel precludes redoing the office and locker rooms, and we will just have to keep putting more lipstick on that pig, for the time being! We hope, as you glide over the newly-smooth pool deck, float in our newly-non-leaking pool with newly-up-to-code filtration, and lounge in our coordinated deck furniture, you’ll be less annoyed by our old building. Ideas for cosmetic touch-ups to it (and volunteers to see them through) are welcome, and again we thank Jackie Lang for the time and effort she put into redoing the office last off-season.

Q: What can I do to help?

A: Join us again in 2017 and invite friends! We think our renovated pool will be very appealing when it’s completed, and we would love to see more of the Woodridge and surrounding communities enjoying it. Membership units will be capped at 200, with Active and paid-up Inactive members getting first priority to re-up next spring. We saw an increase in membership this past season, so numbers are trending in a good direction. If Woodridge has been a great place for your family, consider participating in upcoming fundraisers!

Q: How can I track the project’s progress?

A: “Like” our Facebook page, where we will post pictures as we go. Stay tuned for updates on the website or over email.

As you likely know, our pool is quite old and in need of an update!  The uneven concrete has caused a lot of frustration for our members. Add to that the chipped plaster in the pool, plus the tiles that often come loose.  Well, put it all together, and you know our 60-year old pool needs a facelift!

We have hired a pool construction company and engineering team to help us redesign our two pools and surrounding area.  We have  been fortunate enough to obtain a 25-year loan from Pacific Continental Bank, a bank that specializes in loans to non-profits.  The Health Department and City of Bellevue are involved for all necessary permits and inspections.

Construction will begin in late November and conclude in the spring.  Our pool and wader pool will look new and we will have a new diving board, lifeguard chair, and starting blocks.  Follow our page on Facebook so you can stay tuned for photos and updates!

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Time for a new pool!