Pricing for WSC Members:
4-Day Lessons$75
6-Day Lessons$100
10-Day Lessons$130

2021 Schedule & Time Options:

Session 1: 6/21 through 7/2 - WAITLIST
Session 2: 7/5 through 7/16 - WAITLIST
Session 3 : 7/19 to 7/30 - WAITLIST
Session 4: 8/2 through 8/13

Session Times:
10:30am, 11am or 11:30am



swim lessons will boost your child

build confidence and improve skills

about our lessons

we have options for everyone

Pricing for NON-Members:

4-Day Lessons$105
6-Day Lessons$125
10-Day Lessons$160

Swim Lesson pricing

an amazing swim community located at 12320 SE 14th Street in Bellevue, WA

Swim Lessons at the Woodridge Swim Club are a great way for your young swimmer to enjoy the summer while learning to be safe in the water.

About our lessons:

- Lessons are available for both members and non-members.

- Lessons are offered in one and two-week sessions throughout the summer.

- Lessons are 30 minutes long.

Standard and Preschool Lessons

Preschool through age 12. Lessons focus on crawl stroke, back stroke, kicking, and breathing techniques, and building confidence.  

About our Instructor:
Maudry Speight is our long-time swim instructor at the Woodridge Swim Club and she is guaranteed to get your young one swimming!  

Swim Lesson Levels/Skill

Beginner 1
First experience in the water
Face and bubbles in the water, or trying

Beginner 2
Comfortable in the water
Can face float and back float
Elementary backstroke introduction

Beginner 3
Very comfortable in the water
Can face float and back float with a back kick
Adding arm strokes
Beginning breathing, lifting head up or to the side
Goal:  swim the length of the pool

Advanced Beginner
Good arm stroke
Perfecting side breathing
Can backstroke length of the pool
Working on breaststroke

Strengthening and perfecting Crawl stroke,  Backstroke, and  Breaststroke

NOTE: Please indicate which level when registering online