Active Membership - TBA

Provides immediate family members at one address full swimming privileges and voting rights.

Associate Membership - TBA

Provides couples and individuals with no children living at home under the age of 18 the same pool use privileges of active members.

Inactive Membership - TBA 

Reserves your membership for future use, but has no swimming privileges.

Junior Swim Team-Only Membership - TBA

Gives a 13-18 year old a Swim Team-only membership; includes Swim Team fee. Does not allow full swimming privileges.  (No initiation fee required)

Junior Swim Team Plus Membership - TBA 
Provides full swimming privileges for 13-18 year old swim team members, includes Swim Team fees. (No initiation fee required) 

Half-Season Membership - TBA

Join after July 15th with a half-season membership!   This is only for first-time members! There is also a $100 initiation fee.


our membership rates

we offer a variety of choices for every situation:

Are you interested in renting our pool for a private event or party?  Find out more on our Rentals page. 


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To join the Woodridge Swim Club for the 2019 summer, please download Enrollment Form and mail it in or bring with you to the pool. 

Or simply fill out the Enrollment form and mail it in with your check.

Remember, you don’t have to live in Woodridge to join our pool.  We have members from all over Seattle and the Eastside.  Join in the fun!

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