Guests during Regular Hours:

  • Up to 10 Guests  =  $5 per person

  • Up to 30 Guests =  $100 per hour (must be pre-arranged)

  • More than 30 Guests = Considered private party and must be after-hours

Private Parties:

  • After Hours Up to 60 Guests  = $150 per hour; includes 3 lifeguards

  • 60 to 90 Guests  = $200 per hour; includes 4 lifeguards

  • More than 90 Guests  = Contact pool office to schedule

  • Extra lifeguards are $30 per hour

Rentals to private clubs or schools:

  • We offer seasonal rentals to Schools, Swim Teams, Water Polo teams, Triathlon training groups, and private swim clubs. 

  • These seasonal rentals can be spring, summer, fall, or winter. Please contact our Pool President Dee Huff  to discuss.  Off-season rentals require apportioned utility fees.


fees for rentals

make the most of our pool!

use our pool for your private party or group

Looking for a way to throw a great party?  Our pool is a wonderful place for a birthday party for your child, or an after-hours party with friends. 

Talk to the pool manager to schedule your event.  A WSC member MUST sponsor of the event, and must also be present at the pool the entire duration of the event.

We also offer seasonal rentals to schools, swim teams, water polo teams, and private swim clubs.  Contact us to reserve your pool time for the season.

Guest Pass and Concession cards!   Buy a Concession Card and use it anytime to pay the $5 Guest fee, or to purchase snacks from our Concessions.  The Concession Card costs only $30. 

Cards are for sale at the pool office, and then stored there for when you need to use them.  (Note:  Dollar value on card expires at the end of each summer season.)

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